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Today's retailers face many challenges

With decades of experience helping the nation's biggest retailers, Federal Direct has seen our clients' business strategies evolve in the face of overseas competition and the growth of online retailing. The need to be efficient and cost-effective has never been greater.

We understand the competition and pressure brick and mortar retailers face to reduce costs while simultaneously trying to increase sales and profits. Federal has a rich history of providing the country's largest retailers with tailor-made solutions for over 25 years.

We bring to the table a variety of new and traditional products and services to help today's retailer:

Printed Collateral: We have a diverse line of products ranging from store signage, collated forms, credit card applications, brochures/booklets, coupons, MICR checks, and labels, to more sophisticated print-on-demand digital print and collateral management solutions.

Fulfillment: Whether triggered from client data files, 800# IVR orders, or web storefronts, we can design a fulfillment solution that streamlines a retailer's inside operations and reduces administrative costs.

Direct Mail: Retailers depend on driving traffic to their brick and mortar stores or website. Direct mail remains the most effective mass marketing channel in terms of value and response rate. Federal's 20+ years of experience in direct mail provides customers with the expertise and customer service support they need to create new customers and increase the spend of existing customers.

Our retail print, fulfillment, and direct mail solutions can be designed to increase the effectiveness of your company's direct marketing spend. With the right collateral management program, we can help shed light on waste and add more visibility to back-end processes, all designed to put you back in control of your collateral, direct marketing, and fulfillment operations.

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