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Sampling & Clinical Research Fulfillment Solutions

  • Accuracy. Reliability. Performance.

These are absolute requirements demanded of today's Pharmaceutical companies. Federal has been working side-by-side with the research, sales, and marketing divisions of many of the world's Pharma companies for over 20 years, providing the print, marketing, and fulfillment services that help them achieve their sales, marketing and research objectives.

  • Sample Compliance

An industry leader in paper-based sample compliance systems, Federal has been a provider of Sample Receipt Forms and systems for over 20 years. We utilize a proprietary, PDMA-approved document management process to control the production and distribution of number-controlled sampling forms that can be fully-personalized with Physician, Rep and Drug/dosage information, or are partially personalized with Rep data only. For those companies that have transitioned to electronic-based sampling systems, Federal provides the paper-based back-up systems that are needed should their electronic systems be unavailable to sales reps.

  • ISAS

Federal's ISAS (Integrated Sample Accountability System) is a proprietary software platform, created to provide clients with an integrated, customized solution to plan, execute, and control their Sample Compliance program. The receipt of daily or weekly rep and physician data feeds combined with customized business rules allow for reliable and accurate order creation and personalized document production.

  • Web Storefronts & IVR

For added rep efficiency, Federal offers branded, web-based storefronts available 24/7 from any web browser. Customized to accommodate each client's business rules and needs, reps can order forms, check inventory, and track their orders. Budget tracking, management-approval-needed mechanisms, and other corporate control features are also available.

In addition, Federal offers IVR (Integrated Voice Response) systems that give reps the ability to place orders over the phone. With it, reps can order material anywhere phone service is available, anytime.

From web and IVR rep storefronts, to new product rollouts to 10,000+ reps, Federal has the experience and tools to help your sales team maintain their sales call rate and reporting accuracy.

  • Clinical Research Collateral

Federal can partner with your company to design a Clinical Research collateral program that increases your reps' efficiency while reducing administrative overhead and lowering collateral costs.

Clinical research is the lifeblood of a pharmaceutical company. Federal is a premier supplier of the printed clinical research material that clinical trial investigators depend on. We understand the importance of the critical First Patient In date and provide you with the systems and products to ensure the right material is in the hands of the right Investigator at the right time.

Federal also is a major supplier of bound PRO (Patient Reported Outcome) booklets and forms. Using a print-on-demand solution, or, maintaining an inventory of bound collateral, every month thousands of unique saddle-stitched, stapled, or wiro-bound Vaccination Report Card, Placebo Evaluation, or Pain Scale collateral are produced for our Pharma and fulfillment clients.

Contact us now to find out how Federal can partner with you, or view our case studies to see how we've helped other pharmaceutical companies.

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