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Take control of your marketing materials

One of the challenges many insurance providers across the country face is interacting effectively with field offices, branches, and agents in the distribution of marketing materials. Common issues may include:

  • Agents are unable to locate the correct logo for their letterhead.
  • Field offices don't have the ability to create a simple print ad or email blast without going through their corporate marketing department.
  • Branches are sending out the wrong material and not complying with brand standards.

When these issues occur, in addition to increased cost, messages to end users are inconsistent at best and cause lost opportunities at worst.

Experienced in working with the country's largest insurance providers for the past 30 years, Federal Direct is able to meet these challenges and provide solutions that protect your most important asset–your brand–while also reducing marketing spend and improving communications between corporate and field agents.

Through the use of a web-based storefront, users can log in through one secure, convenient interface to order marketing collateral, or create, customize, and execute marketing campaigns. This solution allows for more open communication with field personnel and makes it easier to keep agents in compliance with marketing plans, policies, and brand standards.

Need more reasons why an integrated system will work for you, while also reducing cost, saving time, and providing a higher-quality product?

  • Technology. With a branded, fully customizable, state-of-the-art web-based storefront, each agent can log in 24/7 to view marketing materials, check turnaround times, order materials to ship direct, construct mailing campaigns, and track deliveries all from one online location.
  • Control. At the corporate level, create personalized business-rules to manage budgets, provide permission-level item access, and implement exception-based order approvals. View real-time data and reports online, customized to your individual needs, covering everything from up-to-the-minute inventory to which products were ordered most frequently.
  • Customization. Each branch can personalize marketing collateral to work with their location and demographic, then instantly proof and order materials, all the while maintaining brand integrity. Since pieces can be designed to follow a print-on-demand template, any new or updated images or copy won't mean a complete redesign and can significantly reduce waste.
  • Training. Even with the right system in place, a marketing supply chain is only as good as the people using it. We supply training every step of the way to make sure each branch gets the most out of their marketing materials, and most importantly, your brand.

Contact us now to learn how an integrated marketing solution can save you time, reduce spend, and better control your brand. Or view our case studies to learn more about how we've helped other companies in the insurance industry.

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