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Franchising is built upon the concept of taking a successful original operation and then faithfully replicating it over and over. If it worked once, it should work again, or so the theory goes. But without brand consistency and reliable marketing to reinforce brand awareness, franchisors are at significant risk of losing the competitive edge that made the original concept a success.

At Federal Direct, we understand the challenges facing franchises, where brand is king and inconsistency can mean catastrophe. In this rapidly evolving world, franchisees need access at any time of the day to marketing materials needed to help grow their sales. At the same time, franchisors need the reassurance that their most prized possession – their brand – will be properly utilized in those efforts.

To address these sometimes conflicting needs, more franchisors are looking for a partner that can organize their marketing collateral and distribution needs, while also lowering the administrative costs associated with monitoring franchisee activity.

With Federal's experience in designing web-based solutions, we can provide a system that supports your most complicated marketing supply chain process, protects your brand, helps grow franchisee sales, and reduces franchisor costs.

Federal's approach utilizes 4 simple principles:

  • Technology. With a branded, feature-rich, web-based storefront, each franchisee can log in 24/7 to order marketing materials, construct direct mail campaigns, purchase mailing lists, and track activity all from one online location.
  • Control. At the administrative level, franchisors can create customized business rules to manage franchisee budgets; maintain brand consistency by providing approved formats for collateral the franchisee can order; identify specific items needing corporate approval before ordering; and much more.
  • Customization. Franchisees can personalize marketing collateral for their specific location and the client demographics in their territory. Mailing lists can be uploaded or ordered online. Online proofing with instant approval is available for personalized pieces. Corporate brand-approved formats and/or copy can be used to customize marketing pieces, while always maintaining brand integrity.
  • Training. Even with the right system in place, a marketing collateral procurement process is only as good as the people using it. We supply training every step of the way to make sure each franchisee gets the most out of their marketing materials, and most importantly, your brand.

Federal will work with you to develop and implement a custom strategy and system that reduces your administrative spend, protects your brand, and helps your franchises sell more. Click below to Get Started, or see our case studies.

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