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Security in your Marketing Solutions

Federal Direct knows that in the financial services industry, your success depends on how quickly customer communications that drive sales can be kitted and mailed. You need a direct marketing approach that provides brand support, scalable operations, and the most advanced technologies in both MICR personalization and postal optimization.

Not only that, but you need an organization with the highest level of data security and with a detailed business continuity and disaster recovery procedure in place.

At Federal, we can provide all those services and more. Our range of print, mail, and fulfillment solutions address all your marketing communication needs, from privacy mailings to rebate checks, and from credit card applications to benefit guides.

Financial service companies of all sizes leverage the following from us:

Print Management: In today's rapidly evolving world, marketing materials become obsolete quickly. We'll help you determine the right mix of print-on-demand and pre-printed collateral, saving you cost and eliminating waste.

Personalization and Direct Mail: Whether you're looking to send personalized, numbered checks or loyalty statements, our scalable operation is cost-effective for any run size. With a mix of digital and roll-to-roll personalization options, we tailor your direct mail campaign so that it runs seamlessly and gets to your clients on time and on budget.

POP & POS Fulfillment: Federal has earned a reputation for excellence in kitting and shipping promotional materials such as brochures, product literature, administrative forms, and training materials to corporate offices, branches, and advisors precisely when you need them to arrive there.

Contact us now to learn how Federal can get you to market faster, reduce spend, and better control your brand. Or view our case studies to learn more about how we've helped other companies in the financial industry.

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